White Ceramic Braces – Everything you need the know

White Ceramic Braces - Everything You Need The Know

If you have been putting off orthodontic treatment simply because you do not want to wear the unaesthetic and inconvenient metal braces, no need to postpone your treatment anymore. Thanks to the tooth-coloured ceramic braces, you can get your teeth straightened inconspicuously and conveniently. If you’re thinking about getting ceramic braces and would like to […]

When Do You Need A Specialist Orthodontist?

When Do You Need A Specialist Orthodontist?

Unlike many dental treatment procedures like fillings or crowns, which are completed in one or two sittings, orthodontic treatment is time-consuming. One has to consider many aspects, such as the treatment type, financial constraints, location of the practice, and available services. Besides, The foremost thing you should consider before seeking orthodontic treatment is the dentist’s […]

Invisible Braces – The Hidden Truth

Invisible Braces - The Hidden Truth

Gone are the days when metal braces were the only option available to the dentist for fixing misaligned teeth. Despite their unaesthetic metallic appearance and inconvenience, orthodontic patients had no other choice. But today, more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing options – the so-called invisible braces – are available. If you are also thinking about getting […]