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Removable Braces & Twin Block Care

How to care for your removable braces

This advice is for patients who have been fitted with removable braces or Twin Blocks.

Your teeth may be tender at first

For the first few days, your teeth may become tender, as they start to move. This is only temporary, and settles down. You may also develop some ulcers in your mouth. Again, this only lasts a few days. You can purchase some special wax at reception to put over the brace, to make things easier for you. You will find it difficult to speak properly with the brace in at first, but this improves very quickly if the brace is worn as we advise.

When should I wear the brace?

You should wear the brace all of the time, including at bed time, if you want your teeth to straighten.

The only times the brace should be taken out are:

Please note:

If your brace is lost or broken there will be an NHS charge for a replacement.

Keep your teeth and braces clean

Clean your braces with toothpaste and water morning and night, and also after meal times. It is a good idea to take a small tooth brush to school for after meal times. We sell “Retainer Brite” at reception, which also helps to keep the braces clean.

Use a fluoride mouthwash every day

Fluoride mouthwash helps to keep your teeth healthy during treatment. We advise that you use a mouthwash after you brush your teeth and braces.

Please keep your appointments wherever possible

If you fail to attend, or cancel at short notice, it may be several months before we can arrange another one for you. If more than one appointment is missed, we may not be able to provide treatment.

Telephone us if you have any problems

If you have any problems, e.g. if you have broken your brace, please telephone the practice on 01642 243 080 during opening hours, and we will give you an appointment. Or you can leave a message on the answer machine, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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