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Discreetly straightening your teeth with clear aligners

Beautiful straight teeth with invisible braces

A quick, safe and virtually undetectable journey to a straight smile

Invisalign is an excellent tooth straightening system which involves wearing a series of clear aligners instead of fixed braces. The aligners can be taken in and out at any time and there is a range of Invisalign treatments available that may be suitable for your condition. The type of invisalign that may be advised to you will depend on the complexity of your treatment.

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Invisalign i7

For cases where there are minor issues. It can also be used for correction of minor relapse cases.

Depending on your orthodontic condition, you may need up to 7 aligners in total to complete the treatment. The Invisalign i7 treatment is often limited to the front 8 teeth.

Invisalign Lite

This type of aligner is used to align more teeth than Invisalign i7. You may need up to 14 aligners in total to complete the treatment and it can help with the correction of slight overcrowding, small gaps or one or two crooked teeth on the upper and lower teeth

Invisalign Full

The Invisalign Full aligners can be used for most types of irregular teeth such as overcrowding, overbites and underbites, cross bites and open bites, and gaps between the teeth.

The number of aligners will depend on your treatment plan and the severity of your orthodontic condition.

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Why choose Invisalign braces?

Invisalign expert Dr Charlton

Your Orthodontic Expert

Dr Judith Charlton (GDC No. 79418) is a highly qualified Specialist Orthodontist and practice partner at Cleveland Orthodontics. Judith treats both children and adults and is experienced in metal, ceramic and Damon fixed appliances. She also offers all invisalign treatments and tooth whitening too.

Before & After Invisalign

Rachel had Invisalign treatment to straighten her teeth. With Invisalign we were able to plan the timings carefully so she was finished for her wedding. The result was a fantastic natural smile.

Rachel before and after adult Invisalign in Middlesbrough
Adult Invisalign orthodontics

“Even from a young age, I had been self conscious of my teeth. When I got engaged, I knew I wanted to do something about it. I decided I wanted invisalign braces as, a primary school teacher, I didn’t want the children to comment. Appointments were made to fit around my schedule and I always felt welcomed by the friendly staff.

The clear aligners were barely noticeable although they took a little while to get used when they were fitted. The end results were amazing, with family, friends, parents and staff all commenting. It has had a huge impact on my self confidence and I am able to look back at my wedding photos and smile. I can’t thank Judith and the team enough! “

5 Stars
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"Now the brace is off after only 16 months – and I don’t know where the time has gone. For me the result is remarkable. It’s hard to believe how much movement can be achieved. Don’t think about it as long as I did. Make that appointment, you won’t regret it."


"After just 15 months I am amazed and very pleased with the smile I now have. I no longer hide from the camera and am more than happy to show off my brilliant smile and my self confidence in general is much higher. I only wish I had done it years ago."


"The whole experience was great, the staff were very friendly and my appointments were always quick and on time - so I was able to fit them in around work. I now like showing off my smile and my self confidence has improved. My only regret is that I waited all those years before I plucked up the courage to do it!"


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