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Happy patients with something to smile about

Patient testimonials


“I was so thrilled with how my teeth looked I actually cried with excitement when I left the appointment. I would definitely recommend Cleveland Orthodontics, for a fantastic friendly service and great results.”


“The results are absolutely amazing and it is the best thing that I could have ever done. If you are thinking of getting clear braces I would definitely go to Cleveland Orthodontics. All the staff are so friendly and helpful and they have put a smile back on my face!”


“Getting my teeth sorted is one of the best things I have ever spent money on. Now I smile with confidence, and am always getting compliments by people I know (and even strangers!). I can’t recommend having perfect teeth highly enough.”


“When I got my brace off I couldn’t stop smiling. My teeth feel and look amazing, I am so happy with the results. The staff at Cleveland Orthodontics are so friendly and helpful, they
have brought my smile back and I would like to say a massive thank you!”


“I am wondering why I didn’t get this treatment sooner. I didn’t even realise you could get
orthodontic treatment at my age. I am really glad that I went ahead… the brace was removed
after exactly one year and it wasn’t even that expensive”


Children & teenagers

“My teeth are so much better than what I expected them to be like, I love them! The process was more than worth it and I’m so happy I’ve had my braces. I am so much more confident and happy now and I love my new teeth, all thanks to Cleveland Orthodontics!”


“My teeth just got better and better, and around 14 months later, the brace was removed to reveal the final result. I was ecstatic. I loved my teeth. I couldn’t stop smiling and I have never regretted one minute of it. Many thanks to everyone at Cleveland Orthodontics.”


“When I had the brace put on, I had been surprised at how little it hurt. It was really easy to look after and was very comfortable. All the staff involved with my treatment were extremely helpful and so very kind. They made the whole experience easy.”


“I would strongly recommend Cleveland Orthodontics to anyone. My teeth are now perfect
and I am very pleased with the outcome. Al  thanks to Cleveland Orthodontics I now have a
smile I can be happy with.”


“It took around 18 months but when I was finally told my teeth were perfect and I could have my braces off, I was ecstatic. I am now very very pleased with my new smile… and can’t stop smiling! And it’s all down to the wonderful staff at Cleveland Orthodontics.”


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