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Quick Braces

Six month orthodontic treatments and for minor corrections to perfect your smile

Straightening teeth in just six months

Clear aligners or fixed brace solutions to improve your smile

Many patients prefer quick easy treatments because they are cheaper and the braces are only on for a few months. Orthodontists prefer straightforward treatments too so if a simple treatment option is appropriate, then we can definitely arrange that for you.

However, there are lots for us to consider before we can offer you a quick brace solution. We need to find out how far we are trying to move your teeth and whether it will affect your bite. We also want to avoid a possible relapse in future so we advise that you book a specialist orthodontic consultation with us before we advise which treatment will be suitable for you.

At Cleveland Orthodontics, we have the expertise and skills to straighten any smile. We offer a number of fast brace solutions which can correct your teeth or perfect your smile in just six months.

Sectional Brace

Sectional braces are fitted to just the front six teeth and are available in metal and white. These braces are ideal for minor corrections of the teeth and treatment times usually only for a few months.

Invisalign Lite

Invisalign Lite is a clear aligner that is almost impossible to see when worn. This treatment is available to both adults and teens and uses approximately fifteen different aligners to guide your teeth to the desired position.

The treatment process can last between 4 to 6 months and is a superb solution for patients who are concerned about their appearance when wearing braces.

Single Fixed Braces

For othodontic cases that require teeth straightening on the upper or lower jaw. These braces are fixed to the front surface of the teeth and are available in metal, coloured or white ceramic to appear less visible.

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Are quick braces suitable for me?

If teeth are very crooked, or if they stick out, it may be difficult to pull or push them into a good position in only a few months. In fact, trying to do so can damage the teeth. So a “quick” treatment may not be the sensible option.

But if they are not too far out of line to start with, a simple treatment may be possible…in which case “quick” braces may be a great option.

If your upper teeth meet very closely with your lower teeth, moving only the uppers only can make them “clash” with the lowers. This can cause tooth wear and jaw joint problems.

It may be advisable to consider a lower treatment at the same time to ensure your teeth continue to bite together correctly.

But if your upper teeth do not touch your lowers to start with, then ONLY an upper may be the best option for you.

Clear aligner techniques may not be effective in correcting teeth that are very crooked, that stick out a lot. It may be better to consider fixed braces in these circumstances to get the result you are expecting e.g. with white ceramic braces.

But a clear aligner technique may be a really good option if your teeth are not too crooked in the first place. As a specialist orthodontists we would be able to advise you.

If your teeth are pushed too far forwards or outwards, they can easily “fall back” to their original position. We call this “relapse”.

Relapse can happen after any brace treatment. But there will be a reduced chance if the treatment is planned correctly.

Sometimes simple treatments can cause teeth to be pushed into an “unstable” position…which means that there is a greater chance of relapse in the future.

But if your teeth are not too crooked, this may not be a problem and so a quick treatment may be a good option.

All new patients to Cleveland Orthodontics are assessed by a specialist orthodontist who has had many years of training and proven him/herself by professional examinations to have skills required to plan orthodontic treatment correctly.

We have the experience and training to know when “quick” treatments are a good idea and when they may not be.

And we are not limited to ONLY clear “aligner” techniques…these are not appropriate for everyone. We have a range of brace techniques to offer that will be appropriate to YOUR teeth.

So in summary… if we can provide a “quick treatment” we will do so. If we think a quick treatment is not a good way to proceed, we will discuss the other options with you.

Judith Charlton

Your Orthodontic Expert

Dr Judith Charlton (GDC No. 79418) is a highly qualified Specialist Orthodontist and practice partner at Cleveland Orthodontics. Judith treats both children and adults and is experienced in metal, ceramic and Damon fixed appliances. She also offers all invisalign treatments and tooth whitening too.

Before & After Quick Braces

Sophie was the perfect candidate for a sectional brace and her treatment took just under 6 months.

Before quick braces in Middlesbrough
After quick braces in Middlesbrough
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"After just 15 months I am amazed and very pleased with the smile I now have. I no longer hide from the camera and am more than happy to show off my brilliant smile and my self confidence in general is much higher. I only wish I had done it years ago."


"Now the brace is off after only 16 months – and I don’t know where the time has gone. For me the result is remarkable. It’s hard to believe how much movement can be achieved. Don’t think about it as long as I did. Make that appointment, you won’t regret it."


"The whole experience was great, the staff were very friendly and my appointments were always quick and on time - so I was able to fit them in around work. I now like showing off my smile and my self confidence has improved. My only regret is that I waited all those years before I plucked up the courage to do it!"


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