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White Braces

A popular fixed brace solution combining excellent aesthetics with strength and performance

White ceramic braces for adults

A clear alternative to traditional fixed braces

White ceramic braces are less noticeable than metal braces and that blend in more with your their natural teeth colour. They are extremely popular with adult orthodontic treatments where aesthetics are important.

These cosmetic tooth coloured braces are barely visible but work in the same way as traditional fixed braces. They can straighten teeth with the most complex of orthodontic cases and offer precise results. White braces are just as strong and reliable as metal braces, and are suitable for all adults, teens and children.

A Natural Look

We can now offer full white braces as part of our Platinum Plan. These clear ceramic brackets allow you natural tooth colour to show through giving you more discreet and pleasing appearance during your treatment.


Our Gold Plan offers a great affordable alternative using white braces for the upper front teeth, and metal braces for the back and lower teeth.

This reduces the cost of treatment, whilst still giving our patients confidence during their treatment.


Cleveland Orthodontics uses the ICE™ ceramic bracket system, which combines excellent aesthetics with reliable strength and performance. For more information about ceramic brackets, visit

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Why choose white braces?

Judith Charlton

Your Orthodontic Expert

Dr Judith Charlton (GDC No. 79418) is a highly qualified Specialist Orthodontist and practice partner at Cleveland Orthodontics. Judith treats both children and adults and is experienced in metal, ceramic and Damon fixed appliances. She also offers all invisalign treatments and tooth whitening too.

Before & After White Braces

Louis had treatment on our gold plan to improve the look of his teeth and push the top teeth backwards

Adult white braces in Middlesbrough
Louis adult white braces in Middlesbrough

“I would highly recommend Cleveland Orthodontics to anyone considering braces. During the course of my treatment Judith and the staff were fantastic, very helpful and just nice overall. They always answered any questions I had and made having braces so much easier. I would like to thank all the staff and wish everyone well for the future. If you’re considering braces this is the place for you!”

5 Stars
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"After just 15 months I am amazed and very pleased with the smile I now have. I no longer hide from the camera and am more than happy to show off my brilliant smile and my self confidence in general is much higher. I only wish I had done it years ago."


"Now the brace is off after only 16 months – and I don’t know where the time has gone. For me the result is remarkable. It’s hard to believe how much movement can be achieved. Don’t think about it as long as I did. Make that appointment, you won’t regret it."


"The whole experience was great, the staff were very friendly and my appointments were always quick and on time - so I was able to fit them in around work. I now like showing off my smile and my self confidence has improved. My only regret is that I waited all those years before I plucked up the courage to do it!"


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