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Twin Block Braces

Removeable brace aligners to straighten your teeth and correct your bite

Twin block braces for children

Removable aligners for both upper and lower teeth

Twin blocks are a special type of removable brace used to treat teeth that stick out a lot. They are generally worn for around 12 months by children or younger teenagers who are still growing. Patients are advised to wear twin blocks full time in order to work successfully and usually require fixed metal braces immediatley after for a further 12 to 18 months.

Upper & Lower Teeth

For people with protuding teeth and more complex bites, twin block braces help to straighten your teeth and improve your bite.

Regular visits to the orthodontist are required to check the treatment is progressing as it should and to make any necesssary adjustments.

Easily Removeable

Twin block braces must be worn everyday day and throughout the night but they can be easily removed before eating or brushing your teeth.

These braces can also be removed when playing contact sports or to enable you to play musical instruments properly.

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Invisalign expert Dr Charlton

Your Invisalign Expert

Dr Judith Charlton (GDC No. 79418) is a highly qualified Specialist Orthodontist and practice partner at Cleveland Orthodontics. Judith treats both children and adults and is experienced in metal, ceramic and Damon fixed appliances. She also offers all invisalign treatments and tooth whitening too.

Before & After Twin Block Braces

Louie’s front teeth started 10mm further out than his bottom teeth. We used twinblocks to reduce this distance followed by fixed appliances to give him his new smile!

Teen twin block braces in Middlesbrough
Louie teen twin block braces in Middlesbrough

“I didn’t like how my teeth stuck out at the front and the gaps. The best thing about my new smile is that they are lovely and straight and I feel like a popstar!”

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