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Affordable Orthodontics

Treatment options to suit all budgets with interest free payment plans too.

Simple and low cost private othodontics

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White braces and Invisalign are understandably very popular with our patients as they are more discreet. However, there are still many adults who prefer a more affordable option to suit their budgets.

With brace treatments being so commonplace these days for all ages, adults are now becoming less concerned about wearing metal braces. These treatments are often more affordable, quicker and more precise than aligner treatments.

Silver Plan

An affordable adult orthodontic treatment to straighten both the upper and lower arches using fixed metal braces. With interest free payment options available you can achieve a beautiful straight smile on a budget.

Gold Plan

For adult patients who are concerned about their appearance when wearing braces but still want that element of discreetness, this maybe the ideal solution for you. The Gold Plan offers white braces for the upper front teeth as well as fixed braces all round.

Simple Orthodontics

Some adult patients only require minor corrections or they just want a quick and easier fix with a low cost solution. At Cleveland Orthodontics we can offer sectional braces to straighten the upper front six teeth in only a few months.

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