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Coronavirus: keeping your family safe

Advice for patients

We are pleased to announce that our practice has re-opened.

All patients will be contacted in turn over the coming weeks, starting with those who have been having problems during the lockdown.

Due to the new ways that the practice will be running, we cannot see the same numbers of patients each day that we used to. We ask that our patients bear with us as we try to get everybody seen.

Please do not ring the practice for your appointment unless...

…you have a specific problem such as a brace breakage (see below on how to deal with brace problems). We will telephone all patients in turn as quickly as we can.

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Intermediate procedures

We would like to thank all of our patients for bearing with us while we adjust to the new situation and we look forward to seeing you in the coming months. In the meantime, please could patients observe the advice below.

Please do not attend the practice premises without an appointment

How we can help you

If you have a problem with your braces, please telephone the practice:

Our guidelines

Cleveland Orthodontics is following guidelines set out by the Chief Dental Officer of England, the British Dental Association and the British Orthodontic Society. For information about how our orthodontic service is changing, please click on the link below. We have also provided links for how to keep braces clean and healthy as well as procedures on what to do if you have problems with your brace.

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Your questions answered

  • No new patients can be seen for the present time.
  • Your referral will be kept on file at the practice.
  • As soon as the guidance changes, we will send an appointment for you.
    Braces fitting appointments will be made available soon.
  • We will contact you for an appointment to start your treatment once this guidance changes.
  • We will contact you soon to arrange your appointment as soon as we can.
  • If there is a problem with your brace, we may be able to provide an emergency appointment to see you: however, this will only to be to make your brace safe and comfortable.
  • You may need an appointment first to check that none of your teeth have moved during lockdown.
  • See the above link on how to keep braces clean and in condition
  • We will arrange to have your braces removed as soon as we can.

We hope that the Covid 19 situation will continue to improve and that we can resume our normal orthodontic service in near future.

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