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Upper Removable Braces

Plastic braces for just the top teeth

Upper removeable braces for children

Ideal for younger children or for minor tooth corrections

These are plastic braces that can be easily taken in and out of the mouth by the patient. Every orthodontic case is different and some children may only require the position of one or two teeth adjusted. Although fixed braces work better, some younger children under the age of 10 can wear these upper removeable braces but they usually need a fixed brace treatment a few years later.

Minor Corrections

Upper removable braces are effective for patients with mild to moderate orthodontic problems. The aligners are great for moving the upper teeth horizontally (right or left) but aren’t as effective as fixed braces for more complex orthodontic treatments.

Easily Removeable

These upper removable braces clip over your teeth and can be taken out for eating, teeth cleaning, sport or for playing a musical instrument.

Treatment with removable braces usually takes between 4-12 months. Patients need to attend regular appointments so that your brace can be adjusted and your tooth movements are checked.

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Invisalign expert Dr Charlton

Your Invisalign Expert

Dr Judith Charlton (GDC No. 79418) is a highly qualified Specialist Orthodontist and practice partner at Cleveland Orthodontics. Judith treats both children and adults and is experienced in metal, ceramic and Damon fixed appliances. She also offers all invisalign treatments and tooth whitening too.

Before & After Upper Removable Braces

Chloe had a crossbite affecting her front left incisor tooth. Her orthodontist Judith Charlton used a small removable brace to move it forwards followed by upper and lower fixed appliances to give a perfect smile

Teen removable braces in Middlesbrough
Chloe teen removable braces in Middlesbrough

“My new smile makes me feel so much more confident and happier. I can now smile, laugh and talk without worrying what people will think. I am now proud of my smile! Judith Charlton and the team at Cleveland Orthodontics were great! They are a really nice team who are all so helpful.”

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