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We all know that straight, perfectly aligned teeth make us look beautiful and improve our smile. But what many people don’t know is that there are several other benefits of having straighter teeth. What are those benefits? We will discuss this in this blog. So, continue reading to learn why it is important to have straight and optimally aligned teeth. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Teeth Straightening?

Having straight and aligned teeth has its health benefits too. With straight teeth, one can easily break food into smaller particles that can be easily digested in the gut. As a result, optimal food digestion and assimilation take place, helping one maintain optimal physical health. 

What Are The Benefits Of Having Perfectly Straight Teeth?

The benefits of straight teeth go beyond a charming smile. The American Association of Orthodontists lists the following benefits of having perfectly aligned teeth:

  • Easier to Clean – straight teeth are easier to clean. Why? Because there are higher chances of plaque and tartar accumulation around crooked and misaligned teeth than the straight ones. 
  • Fewer Dental Issues – straight teeth attract fewer dental problems than non-straight ones, such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. Moreover, straight teeth also prevent dental complications such as TMJ disorders or tooth wear. 
  • Improved Physical Health – did you know that straight teeth allow for optimal chewing and food digestion? That is why people with straighter teeth have better physical health than those with crooked or misaligned ones. 

Can Wearing Braces Benefit Your Long-Term Dental Health?

There are many long-term dental health benefits of wearing braces. First, braces help one enjoy a beautiful and lasting smile. Secondly, straighter teeth with braces are easier to clean, thereby reducing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay during treatment. Finally, teeth straightened with braces have a lowered risk of developing bite-related disorders such as TMJ issues, tooth wear, and sensitivity. 

How Important Are Straight Teeth In Society?

A beautiful smile is impossible without perfectly aligned teeth. So, if you want to appear attractive in front of people, you need to have straight teeth. According to a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, people with straight teeth are perceived to be more attractive, approachable, and friendly than those with blemished smiles and crooked teeth. So, having straight and aligned teeth is an essential social requirement. 

Why Do People Get Teeth Straightening?

Teeth straightening with braces or clear aligners has become very popular these days. The reason is that people have become extremely conscious about their appearance and looks. Another reason for getting teeth straightening is to avoid dental complications that can damage the teeth. For example, an improper dental bite can put pressure on the jaw joints causing issues such as jaw clicking or popping sounds, jaw dislocation, and headaches. So, sometimes, orthodontists recommend orthodontic treatment to prevent these complications. 

Are Dental Braces’ Sole Purpose To Straighten Teeth?

The main aim of orthodontic treatment with braces is to straighten teeth. But there are so many benefits of having straight teeth such as a revamped smile, easier oral hygiene maintenance, and minimised dental health complications. 

What Are The Benefits Of Teeth Aligners?

According to the British Orthodontic Society, clear aligners are removable trays made of plastic which are used for straightening teeth. These aligners are worn over the teeth and are designed to exert pressure on them so that they attain an optimal alignment. Some of the benefits of clear aligners compared to conventional braces are:

  • Invisible – clear aligners are made of a transparent polymer that makes them virtually invisible when worn. So, these aligners will not affect your smile or facial aesthetics during treatment. 
  • Comfortale – teeth aligners are comfortable since they are quite flexible. So, they won’t cause pain or discomfort during treatment. 
  • Convenient – there is no food restriction with clear aligners, unlike metal braces. You can simply remove your aligners while eating or drinking and put them back on after washing them with water once you’re done. 
  • Ease of Oral Hygiene Maintenance – clear aligners are removable. So, you can take them of while brushing or flossing, allowing you to maintain optimal dental hygiene. 

Does Straight Teeth Improve Appearance?

The most essential ingredient of a beautiful smile is straight and aligned teeth. That is why Hollywood celebrities focus so much on the aligment of their teeth as they want to appear beautiful and attractive. 

Does Straightening Of Teeth Make Them Weak?

During orthodontic treatment with braces or clear aligners, you may observe that your teeth have become slightlhy mobile. If it happens to you, there is nothing to worry about. This occurs because the pressure applied by the braces or the aligners is transmitted from the teeth to the underlying bone. As a result, bone tissue is removed in regions where the teeth are moving and new bone forms behind them. So, the loosening of the teeth is simply because the teeth are re-aligning themselves and they will become firmly anchored again once your treatment is complete. 

So, orthodontic treatment doesn’t make teeth weak; it only makes them slightly mobile temporarily. However, if treatment is peformed by a novice dentist, they may apply excessive force on the teeth which can lead to complications including gum disease and even tooth loss. 

What Do Straight Teeth Look Like Before And After?

You can expect a remarkable difference in the alignment of your teeth after your treatment has been completed. 

What Are The Benefits Of Orthodontics?

There are several benefits of orthodontic treatment including a beautiful smile, optimal physical and oral health, and prevention from long-term dental complications. 

If you live in Middlesbrough and seek orthodontic treatment, we recommend Cleveland Orthodontics. Why? Because we have the best orthodontists in town and boast cutting-edge technology to ensure that you get the highest-quality treatment ensuring the best aesthetic and functional outcome. So, book an appointment today and let us give you a smile you truly deserve. 

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