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What Causes Crooked Top Teeth And How To Straighten Them?

What Causes Crooked Top Teeth And How To Straighten Them?

A smile is only as appealing as the shape, colour, and appearance of one’s teeth – especially the front ones. This is because the front teeth are visible whenever one opens their mouth for speaking or smiling. An American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey showed that people with straight and pearly white teeth are perceived […]

Why do braces break sometimes?

Broken braces can cause problems…here’s some advice from Cleveland Orthodontics on how to keep braces in one piece!

Braces make teenagers feel better, says new research

Orthodontic braces are good for the well-being of teenagers according to new research. Cleveland Orthodontics discusses why our young patients are pleased with their new smiles…and when it is best to start brace treatment.

Do I REALLY need teeth out for my braces?

At Cleveland Orthodontics one of our most common questions is “do I need teeth out for my braces?”. We discuss why sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t!

The Chemistry of Orthodontics

Childrens first visit

Orthodontists need to know their chemistry. Here are four ways that molecules matter when using orthodontic braces.