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Bad breath, halitosis, malodour – no-one wants this and it’s what most people are self-conscious about.

But there are things in life that can lead to occasional,transient bad breath – braces being one of them.

Here are the top 5 tips to ensure have fresh breath whilst wearing braces as chosen by our excellent hygienist Adelle Gaunt.

  1. Beat the boredom with Brush DJ

Use a good toothbrush with the correct technique both morning and night, as well as after meals. If a manual brush is not working, try an electric type instead (e.g. Phillips Sonicare).

Take a small travel toothbrush to work or school for brushing after meals.

This video featuring the free BrushDJ app for your smartphone puts a bit of fun into your brushing routine.

  1. Day-old bits of dinner

Food can get trapped between your teeth and brace. Then it decomposes during the day… not good! This is why you need “interdental cleaning” as well as regular tooth brushing.

Use rubber sticks or a Phillips Air Flosser to make sure your lunch isn’t lodged in your brace for days on end.

  1. Rinse your mouth out!

Daily rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash acts like a rinsing\sloshing action to remove any food you may have left behind after tooth brushing and interdental cleaning.

The fluoride also helps to protect your teeth from damage during your brace treatment.

  1. Mirror, mirror…

Use a mirror every time you clean your teeth & brace, especially after brushing to check you have done an excellent job.

Pocket mirrors are excellent to carry around with you during the day

  1. Brush your Tongue

We all forget about this but our tongue collects food debris and bacteria which will cause bad breath.

Using a dry tooth brush and NO tooth paste, do gentle forward and backwards movements, remembering to cover all of your tongue.

Do this every time you clean your teeth & brace but be careful not to scrub too hard and don’t use a tongue scraper as this will cause your tongue to become sore.

All the products mentioned above are available at Cleveland Orthodontics… just ask for our price list at reception when you visit next.

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