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At Cleveland Orthodontics, we get asked a lot of questions by mums, dads and teenagers. Some are about braces, some are about general “toothy” things.

This blog is a round-up of shorter posts that answer some of the most common ones that get put to us.

So what happens if your child knocks out a front tooth? Would you know what to do?

Bump and grind

On the sports field, on the edge of the swimming, playground disputes….the possibilities are endless! And if it does happen there can be a fair amount of panic for all concerned.

How the wayward tooth is cleaned and handled, how quickly it is re-planted, how soon you can get to see an emergency dentist…these are the factors that will determine whether there is a happy end to the story.

A slower way to damage teeth is night-time grinding which is called “bruxism”. This a very common…most of us do it at some point and it can be a sign of stress or anxiety. When does bruxism become a problem  and what can you do about it?

Thumbs down, bullies out!

Thumb sucking is normal behaviour for babies and toddlers. But if the habit persists, it can have long–lasting effects on the appearance of the teeth.

You can read at what age it is best to try to stop the habit, as well as ways to help your children in a supportive and caring way.

One of the effects of prolonged thumb sucking is protruding teeth. This also occurs in many children that have never sucked their thumb and is a common cause of teasing and name-calling at school. Treating these children is important so that we can boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Many adults also visit us to correct “sticking-out” teeth…this post discusses the various brace techniques that we can use for all age groups.

On the move

One of the commonest questions that we get asked is “Can wisdom teeth make my front teeth crooked”?

It is often thought that the wisdom teeth can push the lower front teeth forwards in late teenage years and throughout adulthood. This post explains the current scientific evidence that suggests this may not be the case!

What does happen for sure is teeth move if retainers are not worn after orthodontic treatment which is why we advise long term retention.

However if this does happen, they can be re-straightened in several ways if any crowding is caught early enough.

Lip service

One of the most irritating conditions that often occurs in teenage years is the dreaded cold sore. And once you get one, you will probably get them repeatedly throughout your life.

There are some important things you should know about  if you have a cold sore including which over-the-counter remedies are effective.

Mouth ulcers are another common condition and have many causes. They tend to run in families and this post discusses what to do about them and when you should see your dentist.

 Anything else?

If you have any questions that you think would be useful to have answered, why not let us know? You can email us by clicking on the link at the top our homepage with your suggestions.

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