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What Is Wax For Braces & How To Use It: A Complete Guide

Have you ever wondered why dentists give a pack of wax to their patients just after bonding braces to their teeth? If you have also received a box of orthodontic wax from your orthodontist and you’re wondering what it is used for, then this blog is for you. So, continue reading to learn more about ortho wax and when it is needed. 

I Just Got My Braces And The Wire Is Sticking Out. What Do I Do?

A loose end of an orthodontic wire can injure your soft gum, cheeks, and lips. Therefore, it should be taken care of immediately. Besides, a broken orthodontic wire also means that it won’t exert pressure on your teeth, thereby hampering your orthodontic treatment. 

So, in cases where you have an orthodontic wire sticking out, the best short-term remedy – while you’re waiting to see your orthodontist – is to apply orthodontic wax over it. The wax dulls the sharp edge of the wire thereby reducing the discomfort and minimising the risk of injury. 

How To Treat Braces On Lower Teeth Causing Soreness?

If you have soreness in one of your lower teeth due to a bracket, it might be impinging on the opposing soft tissue. The quickest pain-relief option is to apply ortho wax over the bracket. Alternatively, you may chew a sugar-free gum and then place it over the bracket. Doing so will dull the sharp edge of the bracket and reduce the pain and discomfort. 

How To Prevent Braces From Rubbing The Inside Of My Cheek?

Many patients who just got their braces, often complain of their brackets rubbing against their cheeks and causing discomfort. In most cases, this discomfort goes away in a few days as your mouth adjusts to the new brackets. However, if you feel discomfort or pain even after a few days or weeks, you may apply orthodontic wax over it to allow the sore area to heal. 

Is There A Quick Fix To Avoid Biting My Cheeks After An Orthodontist?

Orthodontic patients who have just begun their braces treatment often complain of accidental cheek biting due to the brackets protruding towards the oral soft tissues. While this issue may go away in a few days, this problem may persist longer in individuals having a deep bite. The quickest pain relief option in such cases is to apply orthodontic wax over the brackets that cause cheek biting. The wax will round off the sharp edges and allow the injured site to heal. 

Why Do Retainers Hurt? How Can I Relieve This Pain?

Orthodontic patients who have completed their active treatment with braces are given fixed or removable retainers. According to the British Orthodontic Society, the purpose of an orthodontic retainer is to prevent your teeth from moving back to their old position. If your dentist has given you a fixed orthodontic retainer, you may experience pain or discomfort due to its protruding edges. When this happens, you should apply a piece of the orthodontic wax over it. If orthodontic wax is not available, you may apply sugar-free gum over it as it will provide the same effect. 

How To Make Braces More Comfortable?

Many people avoid treatment with orthodontic braces as they find this treatment option painful and inconvenient. However, the fact is that while you may experience some pain and discomfort during the initial stage of your treatment and after every orthodontic follow-up appointment, you will observe that the discomfort of braces gradually subsides over time as your mouth becomes used to them. This is because you will experience the highest discomfort when your braces are applying pressure on your teeth to move them. But once they start moving, less force is needed and hence, the discomfort is also reduced. 

Moreover, if you are experiencing pain due to the sharp edge of a bracket or a broken wire, you can apply a piece of orthodontic wax over it. This will help round off the edges, thereby preventing discomfort and minimising further soft tissue injury. 

How Do I Get Used To Braces Fast?

There is no quick solution for getting used to braces. When considering orthodontic treatment, one should consider the fact that braces will cause some pain or discomfort. In fact, experiencing discomfort during your treatment means that your teeth are moving and your treatment is working. 

But the good news is that you will get used to your braces over time and the discomfort will subside. The first few days and weeks after getting braces are the most inconvenient. This is because your mouth has to adjust to these new additions, and it will feel like the braces have reduced the space inside the oral cavity. But thanks to the excellent adaptive capacity of the human body, the braces will soon become a part of your mouth and after a few days of wearing, you won’t even remember that you have braces on your teeth. 

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