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Is Orthodontics For You? - Finding The Best Treatment For Your Teeth

Has your dentist recently told you that you need orthodontic treatment, and you are confused about which treatment option would be best for you? Are you thinking about orthodontic treatment but unsure whether it would be suitable for you? If the answer to the above questions is yes, this blog is for you. This blog explains everything you need to learn about orthodontic treatment. So, continue reading to know more about all the questions adults want answering about orthodontics to make an informed decision in consultation with your dentist. 

Should People With Bad Dental Hygiene Receive Braces?

Did you know that one of the significant consequences of tooth misalignment is poor oral hygiene? This is because crowded or misaligned teeth make teeth cleaning difficult and promote plaque and tartar deposition, causing periodontal disease and tooth decay. So, people who still have poor oral health despite meticulous oral hygiene maintenance due to their crooked teeth – should consider orthodontic treatment. However, if there is an existing dental problem due to poor dental health, your orthodontist will first treat it before beginning your braces treatment.  

Can Wearing Braces Benefit Your Long-Term Dental Health?

The primary purpose of wearing fixed or removable braces is to restore the optimal alignment of the teeth. Misaligned or crooked teeth not only cause aesthetic concerns but they also make teeth cleaning difficult. As a result, improperly aligned teeth can cause various complications like gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, and even systemic illnesses like heart, respiratory, and nervous problems. Therefore, getting your teeth aligned with braces will actually help improve your oral health in the long run.  

What Are The Benefits Of Orthodontics?

If you are still unsure whether you should invest in orthodontic treatment, here are some benefits of wearing braces that will help you decide:

  • Improved Smile – perhaps, the biggest advantage of orthodontic treatment is improving one’s smile and facial aesthetics. Besides, a beautiful smile also boosts one’s self-confidence and self-worth. 
  • Improved Oral Hygiene – perfectly aligned teeth are easier to clean and do not promote plaque and tartar deposition. As a result, properly aligned teeth are at a lower risk of developing periodontal issues and dental cavities. 
  • Improved Physical Wellbeing – adequately aligned teeth allow for efficient chewing and food digestion, thereby positively affecting one’s physical health. 
  • Improved Speech  – misaligned teeth often create difficulty in speaking. This problem is eliminated with orthodontic treatment. 

What Are The Various Orthodontic Treatments?

There are two main types of orthodontic treatment options; fixed and removable. 

  • Fixed Orthodontic Treatment Options – these appliances remain attached to the teeth throughout treatment and cannot be removed by the patients. Fixed treatment options include traditional braces, lingual braces, and ceramic braces. 
  • Removable Orthodontic Treatment Options – these appliances can be removed by the patients and include clear aligners and myofunctional appliances.

Do I Need Braces (Orthodontics)?

Braces are prescribed to patients with orthodontic problems such as underbites, overbites, crowding, or spacing. The goal is to properly align the teeth to restore facial aesthetics and optimal dental function. So, you are a suitable candidate for treatment with fixed braces or clear aligners only if you have any underlying orthodontic issues. So, no, not everyone needs braces – only those who have orthodontic problems. 

Orthodontics: Do Braces Really Work?

Dental braces are among the most reliable and time-tested options for fixing tooth misalignments. For decades, dentists and orthodontists have used braces to fix orthodontic issues and improve flawed smiles. So, yes, dental braces do work. In fact, dental braces can fix even the most complicated and complex dental problems that cannot be treated with other orthodontic options. 

Is There Any Other Alternative To Dental Braces?

If you are not willing to get braces for your treatment, there are other treatment options available as well. For example, if you do not like the metallic appearance of traditional braces, you may benefit from lingual or tooth-coloured ceramic braces. Alternatively, you may also get your teeth straightened with removable clear aligners. Your orthodontist will advise you regarding the treatment option that best suits your treatment needs. 

What Should One Know Before Getting Braces?

Before committing to treatment with braces, one must understand that orthodontic treatment requires patience and commitment. Tooth alignment is a slow process. Besides, there are certain dietary limitations – such as avoiding sugary foods and fizzy drinks – one must consider during treatment. Furthermore, optimal oral hygiene and adherence to your dentist’s instructions are essential for optimal tooth alignment with braces.  

Which Type Of Dental Braces Are Most Suitable?

When it comes to orthodontic treatment with braces, several options are available. However, your dentist will recommend a suitable braces type for you through clinical and radiographic examination. Generally, traditional fixed braces are suitable for treating extremely complex orthodontic issues. On the other hand, if you are looking for comfort and convenience, removable braces like clear aligners may be more suitable. 

Orthodontic treatment done by an experienced and qualified dentist can have a significant impact on one’s smile, oral health, and quality of life. If you’re considering orthodontic treatment and looking for a renowned orthodontic practice in Middlesbrough, your first choice should be Cleveland Orthodontics, where we provide high-quality dental services under one roof. Whether you need braces for yourself or clear aligners for your kids, we offer all orthodontic services under one roof. So, book your free consultation today and begin your journey towards a beautiful smile. 

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