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What Causes Crooked Teeth And How To Straighten Them?

`Having crooked teeth is not a disease but can significantly affect your dental and physical health, facial aesthetics, and self-esteem. In fact, improvement in one’s smile and self-confidence are among the driving factors for people in the UK to seek dental treatment. According to a survey of 1000 Brits, over 76% responded that they wanted to change something about their smile. Among them, over 40% said that the driving force for this was to improve their self-esteem and looks. 

If you are also concerned about crooked teeth that ruin your smile and confidence, there is no need to worry; there are ways to straighten your teeth and enjoy your dream smile. So, are you ready to find out how to get rid of your misaligned teeth? Continue reading to learn more. 

Should Crooked Teeth Be Straightened?

Crooked teeth should be straightened for various reasons

  • Functional Reasons – crooked teeth can cause functional problems, such as difficulty in chewing and speaking. 
  • Oral Health Reasons – crooked and crowded are harder to clean. As a result, people with crooked teeth have a higher risk of developing dental issues such as bad breath, periodontal disease, and tooth decay. 
  • Aesthetic Reasons – crooked teeth, whether over-spaced or crowded, can significantly affect facial aesthetics. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Teeth Straightening?

As mentioned earlier, crooked teeth can seriously affect oral and physical health. For example, crooked teeth make it difficult to eat and chew optimally. As a result, people with misaligned teeth often have general health issues such as indigestion and malnutrition. Moreover, crooked teeth have higher chances of plaque and tartar deposition. Therefore, these teeth attract more dental health issues. So, straightening misaligned teeth offers both oral and physical health-related benefits. 

What Are The Teeth Straightening Options For Adults?

If you’re considering straightening your teeth, several treatment options are available. For example, you could go with traditional braces or other fixed braces such as the lingual and the ceramic fixed braces. If you don’t prefer to wear fixed braces, a removable alternative in the form of Invisalign clear aligners is also available. Your dentist will suggest the most suitable treatment option for you after a detailed clinical examination. 

Is It Possible To Fix My Crowded Teeth Without Extraction?

Not all patients need to have one or more teeth removed before orthodontic treatment. Dentists recommend extracting one or more teeth only in those cases when there is insufficient space available in the jaws to accommodate all the teeth in optimal alignment. So, extraction is done to optimally realign the remaining teeth. 

If you have a mild to moderate orthodontic issue, chances are that you won’t need an extraction before orthodontic treatment with braces or clear aligners. 

Do Veneers Straighten Teeth Just Like Braces?

You might have come across many social media advertisements offering straight teeth and a Hollywood smile in just one day. Have you ever wondered how is it possible to straighten teeth in a matter of days? It is impossible. Instead, the dentists making these claims use cosmetic dental treatments, such as bonding or veneers to restore the aesthetic issues associated with the misalignment of the teeth. But they don’t address the underlying issue. So, the optimal solution for the treatment of crooked teeth is orthodontic treatment. Why? Because braces and aligners fix the tooth alignment issue and also restore your smile and facial aesthetics. Veneers only fix the aesthetic part of the problem. 

Is 60+ Too Old To Have My Teeth Straightened?

No one is too old to get braces. Whether you’re sixteen or sixty, you can get your teeth straightened. However, in old age, the bones become brittle and lose their blood supply. As a result, it may take longer to straighten the teeth in older people than in young ones. Otherwise, age is not a limitation for seeking orthodontic treatment.  

How Much Time Does It Take To Straighten The Teeth?

The time required for teeth straightening depends on various factors, such as the type of orthodontic treatment (braces or aligners), the patient’s age, the severity of the underlying issue, and compliance with the orthodontist’s instructions. However, mild to moderate orthodontic issues can be corrected within 6 – 8 months, and more severe problems may take up to 24 months. Your dentist will give you an estimate of the time required for your treatment after a clinical examination. 

How Long Will It Take For Braces To Straighten My Teeth?

The time required for braces to fix orthodontic problems depends on the severity of tooth misalignment, the patient’s age and most importantly, the skill and specialty of the dentist. It is advisable to visit a specialist orthodontist for teeth straightening. 

How To Keep My Teeth Straight Without A Retainer?

After your orthodontic treatment with braces or aligners has been completed, your orthodontist will give you lower and upper teeth retainers. The purpose of these retainers is to prevent your teeth from moving back once they have been aligned. So, aligners are not used for teeth straightening. Instead, they are worn to prevent your teeth from falling back to their old positions. If you don’t wear your retainers or don’t wear them for the prescribed duration each day, there is a risk that your teeth may become misaligned once again. 

Are you thinking of getting your crooked teeth straightened? The foremost thing to consider is to choose a specialist orthodontist. Why? Because orthodontists undergo additional clinical training in treatment problems related to tooth and jaw alignment. Therefore, they are better equipped to treat such issues. 

So, if you’re looking for a specialist orthodontic practice in Middlesbrough, your best option is Cleveland Orthodontics. We offer high-quality, specialised orthodontic treatment services to people of all ages at affordable rates and in a comfortable environment. So, please fill out the enquiry form to get in touch with us and learn more about orthodontic treatment options customised according to your oral health and aesthetic needs. We look forward to serving you. 

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