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Are You Looking For Affordable Orthodontics?

Are You Looking For Affordable Orthodontics?

“Almost one-third of Britishers are considering or have completed orthodontic treatment”. These are the findings of a survey conducted in 2022. This survey shows that people are increasingly relying on orthodontic treatment to get rid of their facial defects to enjoy an attractive smile. This is because people have become very conscious of their appearance […]

Invisible Braces – The Hidden Truth

Invisible Braces - The Hidden Truth

Gone are the days when metal braces were the only option available to the dentist for fixing misaligned teeth. Despite their unaesthetic metallic appearance and inconvenience, orthodontic patients had no other choice. But today, more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing options – the so-called invisible braces – are available. If you are also thinking about getting […]

Invisalign Cost – How to get affordable teeth braces

Over 5 million patients have had Invisalign and as more more people look to have invisible braces and to straighten their teeth, questions arise about having cheaper alternatives which might be able to get the same results, in a shorter period of time at a lower cost. Let’s look at the cost of Invisalign and […]

Balamory on Baker Street

Cleveland Orthodontics is 18 years old….hip hip hooray! Here are four ways that things are very different from when we first set out…including Baker Street’s new look!

Orthodontics is not for wimps!

What does ” orthodontic specialist” mean…and what does it mean for our patients wearing braces at Cleveland Orthodontics?