Cleveland Orthodontics in Middlesbrough

Happy Birthday to us! Cleveland Orthodontics has been providing braces to the good people of Teesside for 18 years. And what a lot has changed since we started out…

The new Baker Street look… what do you think?

You may have noticed a few changes down our way over the last year or so.

BtU8ZhACcAAZOF2.jpg-largeGone are the fusty old shop fronts, the “For Sale” boards and the chewing gum-splattered pavements.

Now we’ve got natty new pavements, brightly painted facades (critics mumble that it “looks like Balamory”), hairdressers, eateries and even a micro-brewery.

We have even done our bit by commissioning a piece of street art for the outside of our practice… we love it!

It’s great to be part of these exciting changes… and the rumours are that Bedford Street next door is getting the same makeover soon.

Ensuring better care for our patients

The Care Quality Commission (the CQC) oversees the standard of care in all dental practices.

Practice inspections ensure that standards are maintained and our management team constantly monitors our procedures and policies to ensure that we are providing the best care possible.

Our team of many talents

You may have noticed that you’ll meet quite a few different members of our team during your treatment.

Your orthodontist for your first visit, a nurse coordinator to take your impressions and photographs, an orthodontic therapist to fit and tighten your braces… maybe even our hygienist for some oral hygiene support along the way?

There is also our reception team to greet you when you arrive or our management team who are tirelessly working away in the background.

Social media… we are out there!

One of the nicest and newest developments is how easily we can keep in touch with our patients during their treatment social media platforms… including Instagram and Pinterest.

Instead of having to telephone our practice, you can fire off a question on Facebook or Twitter and our team can get back to you asap.

You can send in your favourite brace selfies… you can enter one of our competitions… and even better, send us a quick testimonial after your treatment complete with a flash of your new smile.

So if you could join us that would be great. And we look forward to an exciting future.

Who knows, maybe the Balamory theme could spread across the whole town… Boromory, anyone??