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Mima1After walking to work one morning I caught a glimpse of a beautiful glass building based in the heart of Middlesbrough. I knew this modern building was the art gallery mima however I had never ventured inside it before. I decided to contact the staff of mima to ask for a tour, they politely accepted and said they would be delighted to give me an in depth tour of the gallery.

I was a bit apprehensive before I went for the tour as I do not know much about art apart from the obvious Mona Lisa painting, Lowry who is known for his match stick men and Vincent van Gogh who is famous for cutting his own ear off! Knowing as little about art as I did I was hoping I wouldn’t have to be up to scratch with the latest artists.

Personal tour of mima

Greeted with a smile by one of the staff members she made me feel very welcome as she started our tour of the gallery. When I initially walked into the foyer I was pleasantly surprised as the ceilings are very high, the décor is bright white and the entry is open and spacious. Each room has a different meaning, and the exhibitions change on a regular basis so there is always up to date fresh art work for people to see.

Being a non art fanatic I can honestly say I had a brilliant day at mima, I learned a lot about different artists and the meanings of the rooms and paintings. When walking around the gallery I felt relaxed and found myself enjoying listening to the insightful tour guide who was happy to answer all of my questions.

History of the gallery

Here is a little bit of background information regarding the mima gallery, mima was first established in 2007 to bring together Middlesbrough’s art collections, the gallery has had more than 1 million visitors since it first opened. There is a selection of exciting things to do at mima including new exhibitions, events and learning programmes that cater to all age groups.

In conclusion…

Personally I believe this hidden gem is a great day out for everyone, families, couples, singles, and groups of friends. It can be a relaxing and different day out in Middlesbrough, it has even made me want to go visit another art gallery, the big bonus about the mima art gallery is the building is just down the street from our own beloved Baker Street!

About Cleveland Orthodontics

Our specialist-led practice has been established since 1996 and provides brace treatment to people of all ages from across the North East, including Middlesbrough, Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees, Billingham and Redcar.

We offer NHS orthodontic treatment for children and a range of modern white and “invisible” braces for adults of all ages such as Invisalign. FREE consultations are available… you can either telephone for an appointment on 01642 243 020 or book through our website.