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Library3I recently started reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and instead of buying the book my mum suggested reading it on her Kindle.

Call me old fashioned but I found that I couldn’t fathom the Kindle. For me the whole point of reading a book is the smell, the page turning, and the thrill of gradually reaching the end of the book.

Just like Carrie from Sex and the City says after Big casually comments “are you the last person to get books from a Library?” she replies “I love the smell”. At least I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way about books!

I decided to go to the source itself and arrange a detailed tour around the Middlesborugh Library to find out if modern technology has affected the amount of visitors and what techniques the library has used to overcome this.

Beautiful Building

As I walked into the Library the atmosphere was calm and relaxing, the actual building Library5was built in 1912 and much of the original architect is still intact which serves to enhance the buildings character.

The lady who greeted me was more than happy to share the background history and information regarding the library. I had never ventured into the Middlesbrough public Library and found it quite beautiful inside.

Modern Reading

We began discussing the differences between Kindles and books, she said she liked nothing better than curling up with a book and that it was not the same with a Kindle. Due to the variety of methods in which people can now read a book e.g Kindles, laptops, iPads and iPhones the library have made a concious effort to keep up to date with modern technology by introducing eBooks into the library.

The lady explained she would like the Library to be a place where the community comes together therefore they have introduced reading groups, crafts sessions, book festivals, entrepreneur programmes, and also internet services such as Ancestry library and universal skills are available to the public free of charge. Library1A housebound service is also provided for those who find it difficult getting to the Library, I think this is a great way of helping the community.

Having spent the afternoon at the Library I really enjoyed it, their modern out look is much like Cleveland Orthodontics in the sense of keeping up with modern technology and relating to customer needs. Cleveland Orthodontics introduced iPads into the practice a year ago for providing patients with information instead of sheets of paper. The Library doesn’t cost anything to join and let’s face it everything is more appealing when it’s FREE!

So I decided to join! My question goes out to you, what do you prefer the Kindle or a book?

About Cleveland Orthodontics

Our specialist-led practice has been established since 1996 and provides brace treatment to people of all ages from across the North East, including Middlesbrough, Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees, Billingham and Redcar.

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