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Air flow

Air Flow polishing is a new way to brighten teeth after braces are removed.

It can also be used for to remove the staining caused by food and drink such as tea and coffee.

Safe for teenagers as well as adults, it is a quick, simple and effective technique which avoids some of the downsides of tooth bleaching.

How Air Flow polishing works

The Air Flow polisher uses a mixture of air, water and bicarbonate of soda to remove the stains that we all pick up from various food and drinks.

Our hygienist polishes up each tooth at a time, removing the staining as she goes.

It takes about 10 minutes and is done in one visit…simple!

There are no active chemicals used so it is perfectly safe for all ages and it can be repeated as often as necessary.

And it comes in different flavours…lemon and strawberry are the favourites.

Healthier teeth and gums

Not only do teeth look brighter once the staining is removed, it helps keep teeth and gums clean and fresh.

If you have had a traditional scale and polish before, you will know that some parts of your mouth are difficult to get to!

The great thing about the Air Flow is that it can reach the difficult bits at the back of your mouth more comfortably and more effectively.

When to have the Air Flow polish

You can have the Air Flow polish at any stage of brace treatment.

Some people like to have a polish before braces are fitted, some like to have a polish halfway through to give the brackets and wires a deep clean!

Most patients choose to have their polish after braces are removed. Our team will be sure to explain this option to you as you approach your Big Day!

How does Air Flow polish compare to other techniques?

There are no active bleaching chemicals in the Air Flow, so it is a safe technique for all ages.

This also means that there is no risk of tooth sensitivity that can be associated with bleaching techniques.

It is also a quick, one-visit procedure with no need for bleaching trays to be used at home.

We recommend that our patients try the  Air Flow polish before other bleaching techniques are used.

Sometimes it is the simple things that work the best!

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