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Advantages and Disadvantages of Quick Braces

In the early 2000s, dentists only had the option to straighten crooked and misaligned teeth with metal braces. But fast forward to 2023. Several orthodontic treatment options are available, each with merits and demerits.  But as dental treatment procedures such as fillings and root canals are becoming shorter and more straightforward, orthodontic patients also want quick results; they cannot wait 18-24 months to get their teeth straightened. 

So, are there any quick braces available? More importantly, are they effective? We will answer these – and many other questions about orthodontic treatment – in this blog. So, continue reading to learn more!

What Are The Health Benefits Of Teeth Straightening?

Teeth straightening offers much more than just smile rejuvenation. Did you know teeth straightening can directly affect your physical health and personality? When teeth are straightened with orthodontic treatment, they allow optimal chewing and digestion, helping improve one’s physical health and well-being. Moreover, straight teeth also help prevent many dental complications. For example, straight teeth are easier to brush and clean. Therefore, people with straight teeth are less likely to suffer from gum disease and bad breath. Finally, straight teeth improve one’s ability to speak clearly and without difficulty. 

What Are The Various Types Of Braces?

As dental technology progresses, different types of braces are now available to fix crooked teeth. Overall, there are two broad types of orthodontic treatments: fixed and removable orthodontic appliances. Previously, only fixed metal braces were available for orthodontic treatment. However, today there are various fixed braces available to dentists, such as tooth-coloured ceramic braces, lingual braces, and fast braces. Furthermore, removable orthodontic treatment systems such as Invisalign clear aligners are also available. So, if you have postponed your orthodontic treatment because you don’t want to wear unaesthetic metal braces, you can now benefit from other aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective alternatives to traditional braces. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Different Types Of Braces?

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of different types of brace:

  • Fixed Metal Braces these braces offer excellent reliability and can be used to treat extremely complex orthodontic issues. On the other hand, their drawback is their conspicuous metallic appearance.
  • Ceramic Braces – these braces are made of tooth-coloured ceramics. Being tooth-coloured, they don’t affect one’s facial aesthetics. However, these braces are expensive and unsuitable for individuals who grind their teeth or have a deep bite. 
  • Lingual Braces – these braces have the same design and shape as traditional metal braces. However, they are bonded to the inner, tongue-facing (lingual) surfaces of the teeth. These braces have the advantage of being completely invisible. However, their drawbacks include discomfort and increased risk of soft tissue injury. Moreover, they are unsuitable for individuals with deep bites. 
  • Fast Braces – these braces work in a similar process as tooth eruption. As a result, these braces require minimal retainer wear and take considerably lesser to straighten teeth. However, these braces are not suitable for treating all orthodontic issues. 
  • Invisalign Aligners – this is a removable aligner-based orthodontic treatment system. The aligners are made of transparent, flexible aligners that gradually move the roots of the teeth. Invisalign aligners offer benefits, such as no effect on facial aesthetics, no dietary restriction, and easier oral hygiene maintenance. On the other hand, their disadvantage is higher cost and unsuitability for treating complex orthodontic issues. 

Side Effects Of Wearing Braces Too Long

Braces must be worn for 18-24 months to straighten crooked teeth. One can significantly reduce the time of braces worn by adhering to the dentist’s instructions and visiting for checkups regularly. Wearing braces too long can lead to various complications, such as white spots, tooth sensitivity, and decay. Moreover, the longer braces are worn, the higher are chances of plaque and tartar accumulation on tooth surfaces around the brackets, leading to gum disease. So, braces should be worn only for the duration prescribed by the dentist.   

What Will Happen If Braces Move Your Teeth Too Fast?

Braces move teeth through tension in the orthodontic wires attached to the brackets. Your dentist will adjust the tension in the orthodontic wire so that it gradually moves the teeth in the desired direction. If the tension increases, the tooth movement rate will also increase. However, excessively increasing the tension in the orthodontic wire – and hence, the speed of tooth movement – can cause complications. For example, if the teeth are moved too fast, it can lead to resorption of teeth. This can result in infection around the tooth roots and make the teeth mobile in their sockets. If this condition is not treated timely, it can even lead to tooth loss. 

What Are The Long-Term Disadvantages Of Having Braces?

The most significant advantage of wearing braces is improving one’s smile and facial aesthetics. However, braces also have certain long-term drawbacks, such as:

Accelerated Braces Cost

Accelerated or fast braces come at a slightly higher price tag than traditional metal braces. However, considering the lesser time they take to straighten teeth, their high cost is a small price to pay. Treatment with fast braces in the UK can cost between £3000 – £5000.

Accelerated Braces Near Me

Not all dental practices offer fast braces to their patients. But if you want to get your teeth straightened in Cleveland, your best option is Cleveland Orthodontics. We offer our patients all specialist and general dental services in a comfortable and relaxing environment at affordable rates. So, Book a consultation for adult orthodontics with us and let us take care of your smile and oral health. 

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