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4 things about retainers

What do orthodontic retainers do?

When braces are taken off, teeth can tend to move back to their original position…especially in the first 12 months.

Retainers hold the teeth straight while they “settle” in the bone of your jaw.

How long do retainers have to be worn for?

For as long as you want your teeth to stay straight. Even after the first 12 months, teeth can still move so the longer retainers are worn, the longer you can keep your new smile.

Retainers will need to be replaced over time and can sometimes be lost or damaged so you will have to have new retainers replaced every so often.

What type of retainer will you get?

At Cleveland Orthodontics, all patients are given a set of clear “invisible” retainers at the end of their treatment.

These are comfortable to wear and are hard-wearing. They are fitted the visit after your braces are removed.

The retainers are removable….so you will be able to take them in and out yourself. We will show you how.

Check out our short video about how to care for your retainers.

What happens if you stop wearing your retainers?

There is a good chance that your teeth could become crooked again, especially if you don’t where them as advised for the first 12 months.

A spare set of retainers is a good investment! They can be provided at a discount at the same time as your free set.

So if the dog eats them, if granddad throws them in the bin by accident or if they get flushed down the toilet (yes…all these happen…regularly!), you know you have a spare set on hand.

Our team will tell you about the options for spare retainers before you have your brace removed and what they will cost.

If your teeth have gone crooked again, there are a number of options for you.

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