Cleveland Orthodontics in Middlesbrough

How to avoid breaking your fixed brace

Softly softly

The chewing forces in the mouth are quite something. The pressure at the tip of your molar teeth is immense. That’s why teeth are so good at doing what teeth do.

We stick the brackets on with glue, but we need to get them off at the end of treatment so there is a limit to how strong the glue can be.

So please… take your time… chew nice and gently… there’s really no rush…


Mouth guards are a good idea if you do contact sports.

Our specialist orthodontic technicians can provide custom-made mouth guards that are individually designed for YOUR mouth.

You can have a full coverage design that includes the back teeth (good for boxing) or one that covers only the front upper teeth (good for if you have to peg it down the edge of a rugby field).

Ask your orthodontist for more details at your next visit and we can provide a mouth guard for you both during treatment and also after treatment when your braces have been removed.

Once you’ve got your Hollywood smile, you need to keep it safe!

Spare the ribs

It’s not just toffees and boiled sweets that you need to watch out for when you’re wearing a brace. Danger lurks on every dinner plate.

Pizza crusts… crack! Spare ribs… ping! Crusty bread… no idea what sound that would even make.

If something does come off, get in touch.

Get your fingers out of your mouth!…

…is what my mum used to bark at me when I started chewing on my nails at exam time. And I’m re-barking it back to all you nail biters now!

Nail biting and pen top chewing are common causes of brace breakages. So why not take the opportunity to kick these habits now while you are having your teeth done?