The Chemistry of Orthodontics

Childrens first visit

Orthodontists need to know their chemistry. Here are four ways that molecules matter when using orthodontic braces.

Engineering in miniature

Modern braces are seriously high tech. This blog talks about the amazing engineering involved in the squares that we glue to your teeth…we call them “brackets”

Balamory on Baker Street

Cleveland Orthodontics is 18 years old….hip hip hooray! Here are four ways that things are very different from when we first set out…including Baker Street’s new look!

Orthodontics is not for wimps!

What does ” orthodontic specialist” mean…and what does it mean for our patients wearing braces at Cleveland Orthodontics?

First Impressions Count

You get one chance to make a first impression. And in that job interview or on that first date, it’s the first few seconds that count!


Answers to the questions we get asked by mums and dads…from cold sores to wisdom teeth!

Under your skin

Imagine seeing the first ever human hand on an x-ray! How were x-rays discovered… and what makes them so special anyway?